2020 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Navarone Toalepai; 3 wise men ; Just a photo I took at an event back in 2019 and I happened to see these 3 men from man up with interesting physical characteristics seated at the main stage, at first I was drawn in by their tattoos but as I took the photo, I wondered what kind of stories each inch of ink held.
Navarone Toalepai; Young Simba; This is one of my brother Zuriel (we’re not brothers by blood, we became close friends through uni) always thought he resembled a lion sometimes hes about 6’2 and weighs over 100Kgs. Zees an up and coming Rugby player and one of the hardest working athletes I know. He’s a dedicated man of faith and a loving son to his amazing parents. Hopefully in the near future you see him on Sky Sport and remember this entry
Aden Lao; Suffocation:; Can’t give a breath living in the society within the pressures. So we painted a new face for ourselves.
Ian Chen; A walk with my bubble
Ian Chen; Empty Road during quarantine
Ian Chen; Sunset
AdenLao_Imagination Eliminates Negatives
Aden Lao_Incapability  Too Tired

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