2019 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

John shen;Untitled. ;3 photographs from my current project which focus on public toliets.
Amanda Kelso; He Stands Tall. He Stands Strong; Mount Ruapehu is a very sacred and spiritual place to not only the people of Ngati Rangi but a lot of the Maori descendants of New Zealand.  I have always had an understanding of this, but have never encounter a powerful awakening as such.
Ryan Anderson; Late night blur; While preparing for a birthday party, fog thicker than I had ever seen rolled through. So i ditched the party in time to capture it before it left.
Ryan Anderson; You are not alone.; I wanted to keep the focus on just the subject without having just a generic crowd shot so I dashed ahead of the march to frame them between two posts. As with the other submitted images, I prefer to centre the focal point, or keep it within the centre third.
Jenny Partington ;Herring Cove; 35mm film photograph shot at Herring Cove with amateur film camera and kodak colour plus film
Jenny Partington; New Brighton Pier; Pier in New Brighton, Christchurch shot with 35mm kodak colour film on amateur film camera
Ryan Anderson; Armed underground; On an expedition to take landscape photos we stumbled across an old army bunker tucked into the hillside.
Yishang Chen; The Feeling of Home; A Chinese balladeer came to Christchurch at the Boundary Bar to sing for the Chinese student studying abroad in New Zealand free of charge. His singing was beautiful, it felt like home.
Yishang Chen; Tri Wellington; This architecture were next to the national museum at Wellington, a triangular architecture with triple colour sunset in the background.
Jenny Partington; Branches; Branches at Herring Cove shot with 35mm kodak colour plus film on amateur film camera.
Yishang Chen; Nothing but something; It was shot in Linkwater on our trip to Wellington, this photo definitely showed the beauty of New Zealand by only the sky, the mountains, the grass and the asphalt.
zhengxing Huang; Fellowship; showing a chill environment of a group of people, with unique framing and composition of picture, position of trees and space between trees and group of people on both sides reveals separate the background and foreground at same time it outstand the crowds showing they are having a good time. photo took at Omana Beach, Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, 19/01/2019.

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