Bright Light, Soft Launch

Malcolm Smith Gallery • 1 May - 3 June

Hours 10-4 Mon-Sat, 10-8 Thursday
Where Uxbridge Arts & Culture, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick, Auckland
  09 535 6467
Artists Russ Flatt, Mish O’Neil, Jenna Baydee, Liyen Chong and others
Theme Satellite

Bright Light, Soft Launch brings together emerging and established artists exploring representations of the figure through image making. The artists featured take a poetic and nuanced approach to portrait photography, playfully teasing out characters and personas and presenting their subjects in a kaleidoscope of ways. Some intend to blur and muddle typical perceptions; others mix stereotypes and narratives with nostalgia and tradition, all present a different way of contemplating how the figure can be captured through the lens.


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Richard Orjis; Flower Idol

Richard Orjis - Flower Idol