Sanderson Contemporary • 23 May - 11 June

Opens 5:30pm, Tues 23 May
Hours 10 - 6pm Mon-Fri, 10 - 4pm Sat - Sun
Where Osborne Lane, 2 Kent St, Newmarket
  09 520 0501
Artists Meighan Ellis
Theme Exhibitions

SPECIMENS, derived from the Latin verb specere ‘to look’ presents the photographer’s ongoing fascination and pleasure in looking –– specifically at the model/subject which has been the focus of Ellis’ art practice for over two decades alongside an ongoing inquiry into the form/object. 

The history of looking and visual pleasure is embedded firmly within the canon of photography and a femininised gaze is a frequently called-upon trope in the artists’ lens based image making, whereas her curiosity for the object stems from a more recent direction into sculpture, working with earthenware and porcelain.

Within this forthcoming exhibition SPECIMENS displays a sample of an updated taxonomy of masculine ‘types’ and collected objects via the photographic portrait and the still-life. The artist locates their shared indexical traits similar to the lepidopterist or petrologist who collects, surveys and archives species.

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Meighan Ellis - Stratum III - 2016