Events Growing From The Edge Of Spaces

The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre • 30 May - 9 July

Opens 6:00pm on Monday 29 May
Hours 10-3 Tues-Fri, 8-5 Sat-Sun
Where 72 Hillsborough Rd Hillsborough
  09 639 2010
Theme Exhibitions

Events Growing From The Edge Of Spaces showcases recent works by the artist duo EDWARDS+JOHANN.

This exhibition brings together works interweaving drawing, painting, performative activities, video, installation and photography.  Reoccurring drawn elements weave through the works and the exhibition, acting as a motif, reflecting our basic human condition and the tensions and dichotomies inherent in life.

EDWARDS+JOHANN are visual storytellers, interested in the gaps, the unseen, the untold, the unfinished, the unpolished and the uneasy…

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Edwards + Johan; An Embezzlement 1

Edwards + Johan - An Embezzlement 1

TSB Wallace