No English Darling

Crave Cafe • 9 June - 16 June

Opens 6pm on Friday 9 June
Hours 7am-5pm Mon-Sun
Where 6 Morningside Dr, Morningside
  021 749191
Artists Serena Giovanna Stevenson
Theme Satellite

An exhibition with taste and story that takes you on a journey into the photographer’s long Italian family dinner table.

"My favourite times in life have been at the long table all the way up the hallway in the farmhouse, with food coming from all directions, my Nonno Erminio sitting at the head, with us all reaching for the food. Everything tasted wonderful and you could tell it had been prepared and cooked with great care and love. There was no organising, it just happened ― like life itself."

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Crave Cafe Serena Stevenson