The Barrel Room • 5 June - 18 June

Opens 5:00 pm on Monday 5th June
Hours 11 - 3pm daily
Where Corbans Estate Art Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson
  021 043 8039
Artists Fiona Macleod
Theme Satellite

I travelled to Western Mongolia in mid February of 2016 to travel with a semi nomadic Kazakh family who were travelling over 5 days with their herd of approx 1000 animals - camels, sheep, goats and cattle to their spring pasture. Both Shochan and his brother each have a Golden Eagle or Berkut. We stayed in traditional Gers. This was the first time any photographers had been in the area close to the Russian border. Thanks to Timothy Allen who worked for BBC's Human Planet as their photographer and who made this trip possible. We either walked or went in a van.



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fiona mcleod