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Getting Started

  • Identify people and places in your local area that might make good subjects, e.g. sports grounds, markets, church services, pool halls.
  • After you've made a list of Auckland places that you could photograph, choose three that you think would be the best to photograph.
  • Check out photography exhibitions at public and dealer galleries or on the web eg Auckland Photo Blog or
  • When you see a photograph you like, try to identify the things that you like about it.
  • Look at photographs in family albums. Try to guess which shots are 'staged' and which capture spontaneous moments.
  • Borrow photography texts from your library.
  • Have a look at our Auckland Photo Blog which runs all year.
  • Use a range of cameras and experiment.
  • If you use a camera that uses film, try borrowing a digital camera from a friend - and vice versa. Afterwards, discuss the advantages of each.
  • Clip newspaper and magazine photographs and decide what gives them impact or appeal.
  • Sort a group of photographs into piles depending on a) their use of contrast b) how they fill the frame c) show human emotion d) capture an unexpected moment.