Annual Commission 2022

We are disappointed to announce the 11th Annual Commission in 2022 was unable to proceed due to changes in the funding support and the extended 2021 Auckland Covid lockdown making it difficult to find sponsorship. 

Each year, from 2011 to 2020 through the Auckland Festival of Photography Annual Commission, an Auckland-based photographer is commissioned to create a new body of work for exhibition during the Festival. The commission provides an opportunity to support and promote an Auckland photographer as well as create a cultural and artistic asset for present and future Auckland audiences to enjoy. Since 2011 the Auckland Festival of Photography project has resulted in the creation of 33 artworks in 10 years.

Annual Commission comprises a cash grant to one talented artist, a key part of the Auckland Festival of Photography goals are to support emerging to mid career photographic artists. The exhibition that results, are a combination of the artists vision and the AFP team expertise to the development of the Annual Commission. The commission allows the artists to freely create several new photographic works, the Festival provides a grant, professional support & consulting by an experienced director, curator, exhibition opportunities at a waterfront iconic venue and top-quality promotional support and international exhibition opportunites. To date over $100,000 in invested the Annual Commission and has been a key cultural Award to support photographic artists in New Zealand.

Qiane Matata Sipu; Uri 2   2020
Qiane Matata Sipu; Uri 1   2020
Saynab Muse: Salma 2020
Saynab Muse: Najad 2020
Raymond Sagapolutele; West Papua   Annual Commission 2020
Raymond Sagapolutele; Indonesia   Annual Commission 2020
2019;Auxiliary role;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Enactment;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Role Reversal;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Warm up;Yvonne Shaw
2011;Fall;Roberta Thornley
2011;Jenny; Roberta Thornley
2011;Still Life; Roberta Thornley
2012;The Caller;James K Lowe
2012;The Goldern Region;James K Lowe
2012;Years From Now II;James K Lowe
2012;Years From Now;James K Lowe
2013;Installation at Silo 7 ii ;Jennifer Mason
2013;Installation at Silo 7 i;Jennifer Mason
2013;Installation at Silo 7 iv ;Jennifer Mason
2014;Falency, Moe, Nana;Tanu Gago
2014;Lauryn, Luisa, Sini, Hilda ;Tanu Gago
2014;Vicky, Genevieve;Tanu Gago
2015;Nanshi;PJ Paterson
2015;Pudong;PJ Paterson
2015;The Dark Playground;PJ Paterson
2015;Year of the Bull;PJ Paterson
2015;Yu Garden;PJ Paterson

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