Annual Commission 2019 - Yvonne Shaw

Commissioned by the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust, the new series Auxiliary Movement by photographer Yvonne Shaw investigates the method of psychodrama. Working with a group and a director to set up an experiential psychodrama workshop and photograph it, Shaw explores psychological and sociological encounters enacted in a theatre.

Yvonne Shaw; Role Reversal

Yvonne Shaw - Role Reversal - 2019 Annual Commission

2019;Auxiliary role;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Enactment;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Role Reversal;Yvonne Shaw
2019;Warm up;Yvonne Shaw
2011;Fall;Roberta Thornley
2011;Jenny; Roberta Thornley
2011;Still Life; Roberta Thornley
2012;The Caller;James K Lowe
2012;The Goldern Region;James K Lowe
2012;Years From Now II;James K Lowe
2012;Years From Now;James K Lowe
2013;Installation at Silo 7 ii ;Jennifer Mason
2013;Installation at Silo 7 i;Jennifer Mason
2013;Installation at Silo 7 iv ;Jennifer Mason
2014;Falency, Moe, Nana;Tanu Gago
2014;Lauryn, Luisa, Sini, Hilda ;Tanu Gago
2014;Vicky, Genevieve;Tanu Gago
2015;Nanshi;PJ Paterson
2015;Pudong;PJ Paterson
2015;The Dark Playground;PJ Paterson
2015;Year of the Bull;PJ Paterson
2015;Yu Garden;PJ Paterson
2016;Shame;Russ Flatt
2016;Spoon;Russ Flatt
2017;Hand;Janet Lilo

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