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Auckland Festival of Photography is New Zealand's leading international photographic art & cultural Festival held across Auckland galleries, project + public spaces. 

2024 is the 21st edition of the Auckland Festival of Photography [AFP]
AFP Theme 2024: Believe [whakapono]
AFP dates 2024: 30 May - 14 June 

Submissions now closed. 

We are open to programming any project created through the medium of photography and encourage active participation from a broad spectrum of talent including professional, amateur and young photographers. 
We encourage festival participation from all levels of exhibitors including dealer galleries, private and public venues, individual artists and community groups.

We aim to make festival participation as barrier free and inclusive as possible, in order to reflect and represent the diverse populace and points of view within Auckland.

Due to the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020, the Festival Trust has agreed to continue simple changes to how the Festival programme will be delivered since 2022. Building on our strategy of outdoor exhibitions since 2007 and the introduction of an online programme for the 2020/21/22/23 Festivals, the 2024 Festival will again feature 3 key sections: In-Venue, Outdoor and Online

You can keep up to date via our enews or our other digital communications.



This key section will feature all exhibitions, events and activations that take place inside a gallery, community space or any indoor area. Traditionally these would include Core, Digital Screens, Satellite and Talking Culture - these now fit under In-Venue. During the festival dates In-Venue projects can take place anywhere across the Auckland Region, including but not limited to: Franklin, Papakura, Manukau, Waitakere, Auckland, North Shore, Rodney. See our FAQ's

Projects submitted for this key section should take place at least one week during the 2024 Festival dates: 30 May - 14 June 2024, however projects can be included in the festival that take place from May for Music or Youth based work.

Here is a list of galleries, venues or libraries to check -

Enquiries for the In-Venue programme - please email Elaine: 

Silo 6 Digital Screens - M Nowacki 2015


This key section includes all online participation via: YouTube; Instagram; Facebook; artist/gallery websites; Mozilla Hubs exhibitions; Zoom talks or online panel discussions; or other digital delivery of public content that suits your particular work, project, artists or group. For more information about just presenting an online talk visit: Talking Culture

Submissions are open globally! This includes all Auckland based artists, as well as NZ wide and internationally based artists.

Projects submitted for this key section can take place from 1 May 2024

Enquiries for the Online programme - please email:



This key section will feature all outdoor activity. Participation can include work shown in windows, on billboards, fences, in private spaces or public ones where permitted.

Projects submitted for this key section can take place over 30 May to 14 June 2024,with lead in and post Festival timings possible.

Enquiries for the Outdoor programme - please email:

Jenny Tomlin; Whau Solar

Participation administration FEE applies
All exhibitions and activiations require an administration fee. The Trust is registered with the Charities Commission No: CC38839. This is payable at the time of invoice and your exhibition/event/project details will only be published and promoted after receipt of this.
The Festival team works all year round creating opportunities so that photographers from every genre can present their new work. We provide and maintain the platform, profile and network necessary to present you with the best opportunities to showcase photography in our annual Festival.

Festival exhibitors have the opportunity to join the 2024 community and be part of a Festival that showcases both international and national artists at diverse stages of their careers. All funds received as admin fees go towards the ongoing sustainability of the annual Festival and associated activities.

NZ based Artsits/Photographers - Check Out Image Auckland's Festival Awards:

Exhibition Award - Late Harvest
Music Photo Award
Youth Photo Award

Auckland Photo Day


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