Exhibitor Micro Grant Award 2024

The 8th annual Exhibitor Artist Award took place again in June 2024 boasting a NZ$5000 grant pool of awards for the participating artists, groups, club in the 2024 Festival who were eligible to apply.

Assessment was completed by the Festival team, whom were impressed by the Festival exhibitions and artist's shortlisted, which were of a high standard and had a good range of presentation and practice and, the Festival Trust spokesperson said "it was a tough decision as all of them had merit". We are pleased to announce the 8th Exhibition Award grants went to:

1) Rukus Photo Group and friends, 2) Tony Reddrop, 3) Kate Rampling, 4) ImageN8, 5) Abhi Chinniah, 6) Judy Stokes, 7) Joingxin Peng and 8) Beatrice Carlson

To date over NZ$19,250 in Award money has been made to support NZ photography through this Artist/Exhibitor award since 2017.

Thanks to:

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2024 Festival Zine

Our Festival Zine on the 'Believe' Festival theme 2024, we're delighted to publish this with the support of The Gerrard and Marti Friedlander Charitable Trust for their support of the Festival 2024 Zine production, writing, printing and distribution for educational outcomes. We look forward to sharing this special edition zine over the next few weeks, at Silo 6 til 14 June, selected libraries and venues around Auckland.
2024 Festival Zine Cover
Cover image: Pillars of Creation (MIRI Image) by: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, J. DePasquale (STScI), A. Pagan (STScI) Deep Space, Queens Wharf Fence 29 May – 30 June


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