2020 : 03 Lockdown

Roger Brown; Locked Down #2
Yann Gandon; How we see objects during lockdown; A metaphor about how space is important in a small space. While spending the whole day in an apartment, random items can looks bigger and give the feeling of taking too much space.
Pete Galula; A Railroad Less Traveled; Train stations have been quiet these days
Pete Galula; Sun Blinks Between The Trees; leaves will grow from the bareness of trees and all will be alright in time
Pete Galula; Ain't No Sunshine When She's Locked Down; It's not warm when she's away. Bill Withers tribute.
Yann Gandon; Activities during lockdown ; Lockdown is a very good opportunity to start a new activity like knitting.This photo also shows how it is important to find its own space and get some quiet and lonely moment
Sam Mccubbin; Watching the sunrise with my son; 5th April
Mike Williams; Even God is downsizing
Michelle mascoll;Walking alone;Henderson valley pony club
Mike Williams; Bare
Bill Gray; I'd kill for some toilet paper; After Countdown Mount Roskill stated rationing TP became available again
Bill Gray; Homemade Mask; I mask I fashion on the first night of lockdown from two ply, double layered paper towel

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