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From 1st May to 31st May 2019 - Now closed.

Alex Mao Photography Award 2019

Cash Prize NZ$1200

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Since 2006 until 2018, photographers of all ages and abilities were invited to capture the spirit of Auckland through the lens of a camera.

Our collection of photographs is kept in an archive for future exhibition online and to provide a visual resource for the region. All images submitted are available to view for reference, research and also for use for agreed purposes under licence.

It's goal is to provide a collective, community digital meeting place for photography in the Auckland region. Photography has today become a way for people of all ages to express themselves, can broaden the awareness and perception of the audience and the parties on each side of the lens beyond the confines of the frame to stir the imagination, becoming a source of inspiration.

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 May 2019 Photo of the Month 

Alex Mao Photography Award winner

Congratulations to West Auckland's Amie Kaufman for her sterling image 'Trying to Grow Up'. This is the inaugural Award for the youth photography. View all the entries

 Amie Kaufman; Trying To Grow Up

Amie Kaufman; Trying To Grow Up