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Sony Auckland Photo Day - Saturday 8th June

After a hiatus in 2023 we are proud to announce the return of our new 2024 edition of Auckland Photo Day, which is sponsored by our new partner Sony NZ.
Sony Auckland Photo Day 2024 - we're back! Since 2004, our regional competition ‘Auckland Photo Day’ has been inviting anyone, anywhere in Auckland — during a 24-hour period — to capture and share their perspectives of our region.

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This year’s iteration is this weekend on Saturday 8 June and includes two photo walks’ hosted by Sony Digital Imaging Advocates Tom Ang (Ponsonby at 11:30am) and Luke Nicholas (Viaduct Harbour at 4pm),

To date over 14000 images have been created and entered to Auckland Photo Day since its inception in 2004. Previous winners can be seen for 2004-2022.

Hyun Duck Park; Knitting Lesson

Hyun Duck Park; Knitting Lesson - Winner 1st Prize 2022 Auckland Photo Day


Auckland Photo Day is a community engagement project initiated in 2004 by the Festival as way to build democratic visual cultural currency and build an inclusive and equitable arts and cultural environment.

It invites anyone, anywhere in Auckland during a 24 hour shoot to share their perspectives of our region. It creates new on the day photos that offer democratic visual conversations about the place we live, work and play.

We want to see the fascination in the everyday, what is surprisingly different and what is comfortingly familiar. This event celebrates the many individual pockets of culture and identity present in New Zealand's biggest city by building cultural currency.

Whilst celebrated in a spirit of fun this event also fulfills the important role of documenting our life right here and now in the world we live in. A DAY IN THE LIFE of Auckland.

Previous participation has seen thousands of images taken by thousands of members of the community, professionals, enthusiasts, students, young, elderly, men, women, all shades of our rainbow across the Auckland region.

All images are kept in a digital archive for future generations.

If the photo is good enough to show your friends and family - your built-in audience - it might be good enough to win a prize in Auckland Photo Day. Groups, individuals, families, children - anyone with access to an imaging device is encouraged to take a photo or 3 of the scenes, people and places that reflect their Auckland region.

Photographs are kept in an archive for future exhibition and to provide a visual resource for the region.  All images submitted are available to view for reference, research and limited use for promotional purposes under licence.

We want to thank the thousands of participants who have taken part in this popular 24 hour day in the life of Auckland competition since 2004. 

As part of the archive and history of Auckland Photo Day to date, we encourage you to view previous winners and watch the Auckland Photo Day compilation on YouTube.  

Media about winners:


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