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 Believe [whakapono]

The 2024 Festival theme is Believe [whakapono]. We're delighted to share our advance announcement of more of our key artists and projects that will feature in the 'Believe' suite of works.

Horse Rider

 Auckland Festival of Photography presents an exclusive showcase by Japanese artist, Taro Karibe. His series 'Aim an Arrow at the Rock in the Ocean' is a fusion of digital camera photographs de-constructed, then rebuilt by an AI tool into a new image.

Taro comments "The theory of “Technium,” proposed by Kevin Kelly, founding editor-in-chief of WIRED and cyberculture commentator, sees the evolution of technology as an ecosystem of life. Referring to biologist Richard Dawkins’ assertion that “life wants to make eyes,” it naturally follows that AI, which we all now nurture and interact with, is beginning to organise its own brain structure. The algorithms of recognition—the procedures for seeing things—are defined by humans and, therefore, are not free from bias. Given that the human brain’s neural pathways serve as a model for AI development, it wouldn't seem unreasonable to compare the human and technological experience of seeing. My interest in this intersection of vision and technology led me to explore a cognitive psychological experiment using AI biases to make the machine’s eyes see illusions". Image: Horse Rider by Taro Karibe/AI.


Jenna Eriksen - Kōwhai Residency new work

Jenna Eriksen; Kowhai Residency- Kiku No Kami Test

Jenna Eriksen; Kōwhai Residency - Test work

During her residency in Tokyo, Japan in late 2023, Jenna was drawn to the national flower of Japan, the Chrysanthemum. Following a series of serendipitous encounters and visits to Yushima Tenmangū shrine, she set about capturing the spirits that live in each bloom, with brilliant colours, and post production techniques to create these strong, bold flowers, with powerful meaning and spiritual connection. Jenna shared this "Throughout the residency, I have discovered the delight of Kiku Matsuri, a dedicated autumn festival to the Chrysanthemum flower, Japan's national flower. My imagination started to spark seeing all these incredible live species and the awe-inspiring scale of thousands of blooms."

Both Taro and Jenna's work are presented as lightbox arts outdoors, thanks to Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate. Full Festival programme announce in April.



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Believe online - Talking Pictures

The 2024 Festival theme is Believe [whakapono]. We're delighted to share our advance announcement of 3 important photographer profiles and interviews who will feature in the 'Believe' theme. Talking Pictures is a online vault + website that brings together edited interviews with photographers and photo-festival directors around the world, it was founded by Alasdair Foster, Australia.

 Last year’s winner of the creative open section of the world’s largest photographic competition was won by an enigmatic portrait by the German artist Boris Eldagsen. It is remarkable for two reasons: the young women and her shy companion never existed… and this is not a photograph. The image was created by the artist using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) image-generation system called DALL E2. To explore these issues in greater depth, Talking Pictures reached out to Boris Eldagsen to find out more about how an image created using AI came to win a major photographic award and what he sees as the future of AI images that look like photographs. Plus, artists Tomoko Sawada, Japan and Michelle Rogers Pritzl, USA have interviews that are excellent explorations of their practice. Talking Pictures – interviews with photographers around the world.

 Boris Eldagsen: ‘The Electrician’ 2022 from the series ‘Pseudomnesia’

 Boris Eldagsen: ‘The Electrician’ 2022 from the series ‘Pseudomnesia’.

Believe [whakapono] - Jon Carapiet

Auckland Festival of Photography is proud to present Jon Carapiet's 'Legacy' exhibition as part of the "Believe" [whakapono] theme.

Using A.I. Jon re-animates old photos to bring them to life, Legacy explores themes of celebrity and power in the modern world. The pictures challenge the conventions of both photography and portraiture. 

Jon Carapiet; Donald Trump - AI Legacy

Image by Jon Carapiet/AI - Donald Trump. 

Kōwhai Residency artist talk

We'd love it if you can join us, for a unique gathering to hear artist Hannah Rose Arnold talk about her research and experiences in Tokyo, Japan during the Kōwhai Residency last year.

Hannah is a graduate of the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts at Unitec and an exhibiting photographer, her most recent show being Deep Burn Blues at Alberton House during the 2023 Auckland Festival of Photography. She is interested in the use of analogue and alternative photography to explore the intersection of people, land and spirituality in Aotearoa.

Hannah was the inaugural research Kōwhai Residency artist in 2023.

This Kōwhai Residency artist talk is on Friday 22 March. Talk and Q + A starts at 6pm to 7pm. Where - At our communal shared workspace – Level 17, Spaces, Commercial Bay Tower, 11 - 19 Custom St West, Auckland CBD 1010. Free to attend.

Lift Access only. To attend please meet our Festival team member at 550pm at corner Albert/Custom Street, inside street level foyer to attend, and we can welcome you from there. Refreshments available.

Hannah Rose Arnold; Yoga Street Tokyo

Hannah Rose Arnold; Yoga Street, Tokyo

Aotearoa Music Photography Awards 2024

Dougs Peters; JPEG MAFIA

AMPA exhibitions start in April after Easter, on North Shore when Image Auckland & Takapuna Business Association presents a special outdoor display celebrating Music, Concerts and Performances in New Zealand.

The exhibition is a selection of prize winners from the first three Aotearoa Music Photography Award (2021/22/23) - in a boutique walk-by street exhibition in the heart of Takapuna.

Plus, go to the Devonport ferry wharf to see a small pop up selection there and you can enjoy all images submitted to the Awards 2021 - 2023 are online here without leaving the house.

Our Queens Wharf show outdoors, is supported again by Eke Panuku Development Ltd, and starts on 1st May 2024 for the rest of the month, to celebrate NZ Music Month.

2024 Awards entries will open 1st May, full details on prizes here.  Prizes sponsored by The Bass Player Ltd and Pacific Culture and Arts Exchange Centre. More to come in April on judges and prize presentations. Image above by Doug Peters; JPEGMAFIA.

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