A Bit of a Do 2004 

Exhibition selected by Brian Curtis, Editor, Photographers Mail, Elaine Smith, MA and Melissa Gardi, Picture Director, Pacific Magazines

Roger Slater
This shot of Frano Botica was taken at the Auckland Waterfront in 2003, during the HAKA being performed for Team New Zealand during the sadly lost but not forgotten America's Cup Challenge. The pure intensity in his face and body contrasts deeply with the smiling children and general revelry, so much so he appears like a statue of a Roman God placed among the gathering crowds, determined and warlike in his focus, almost oblivious to the surrounding masses.
Lindy Hickman
A semi - professional photographer, Lindy is interested in capturing as many diverse cultural happenings in Auckland as possible, both to show the wonder of these events and, after years of travel, as a way of observing and interacting with different cultures without having to leave Auckland. This shot was taken at the Chinese New Year's Day celebrations at Sky City on January 22, 2004 - the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. This beautiful photo captures the Chinese Dancer mid - twirl, her red dress as much a decorative part of the photo as the red lanterns above which also echo the curving mass of the bewitched audience.
Edwina Hopwood
This shot was taken by budding amateur photographer Edwina Hopwood at the Asia 2000 Lantern Festival in February of this year, 2004. This festival has run for 5 years and is becoming one of Auckland's most popular summer events, celebrating the Chinese New Year. Edwina has captured a beautiful array of shapes and colours, with the bright and feather light lanterns floating before the jutting golden arch and the iconic shape of the Sky Tower in the background. A nice combination of festive Chinese symbols and Auckland's most well known symbol captured in one shot.
Temepara Clark
Ben Campbell
Don't mention the Rugby World Cup or America's Cup, but do mention the Netball! Ben Campbell who has recently graduated from a Diploma in Contemporary Photography has captured a celebratory moment for Temepara Clark, member of the victorious world champion 2003 Silver Ferns, at their parade in Aotea Square last August. This beautiful action shot captures all of the joy of the nation at their win on Temepara's face, contrasted against the dynamic blur of a festive crowd.
Promo Images 2004 001
Tanmoy Das
This image, taken at a recent Punjabi Sikh wedding here in Auckland captures the moment of climax and victory in a ritual traditionally associated with testing the wisdom, intelligence and presence of mind of the bride. The wedding ring is hidden in a pot of milk and the couple is given the task of finding the ring as fast as they can - the one who finds the ring first is considered the more intelligent of the two. The photographer is interested in photographing various Rites and Rituals of the Sikh community in New Zealand as he sees these traditions as being the consistent thread that maintains the connection between Sikh migrants and their motherland.
Promo Images 2004 002
Dale Rio
Samoan Tatoo Festival in Mt Wellington in February 2004. This man was undergoing traditional Samoan ritual of tattoo. Dale Rio is a freelance photographer whose work appears regularly in Tattoo magazines in the USA. She is based in Los Angeles.
Promo Images 2004 003
John Hamilton Booth
An amateur photographer, hailing originally from London Town, John Booth has captured a moment of rest for these Pearly Kings and Queens in their new home of Auckland. Here they are attending the ACC Cultural Festival at Potters Park in Mount Eden in March last year. John is interested in the theme of cross-cultural relationships and what he calls "Unity in Diversity", and here we see symbols of his old home set harmoniously amongst a backdrop of symbols of his new home, the New Zealand native trees.
ThomasSkel    ThomasPirate
Vicky Thomas
This portrait diptych was shot by Vicky Thomas who is a third year design student majoring in photography. These great character shots were taken at a Halloween party thrown by Spectrum, an organisation providing support for people with disabilities. The skeleton with the knife is Patrick and the very merry looking pirate is Gary, both who appear to be really enjoying a bit of a do at the Mangere East Community Hall.

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