A Bit of a Do 2006

A bit of a do 01
Max Thomson
Starlight Symphony
Taken in February 2006 at the annual Sky City Starlight Symphony in the Auckland Domain, a dramatic moment in the Mercury Energy Laser show is captured here.  The spectacular light show, which was choreographed to a performance of "War of the Worlds", translates to still photography in an equally striking way, with the forceful laser light cutting through the negative space, leading your eye towards the image of the three singers on the large screen.  This photo is interesting as an image of a filmed image below a thoroughly modern piercing laser light, a very 21st Century representation of Auckland without any natural light or figures as content.
A bit of a do 02
Linda Gomas
Peace on Earth
A particularly poignant image, the photographer has captured a moment of peace and quiet amidst the 2005 Christmas festivities of one extended family in Orewa. After the hustle bustle and inevitable overeating of the day, Bert Thomas steals away quietly to the couch, no longer able to reminisce around the table with his contemporaries who have all since passed on. This photographer takes an unusual and bittersweet approach to the Bit of a Do theme, capturing a moment of calm and stillness but still supplying a subtle clue to the celebratory context with the purple paper party hat crowning Bert's head as he sleeps.  Sadly this was Bert's last Christmas; he died in April 2006 after having a fall while preparing for another celebration, his 80th birthday.  This image of Bert was displayed on his coffin at his funeral and was, in the words of the photographer," the one that everyone told me how much they liked - how it said much more than the standard portrait photo."
A bit of a do 03
Donna Sarten
Into the Woods
Having a bit of a magical do are the fairy princesses Lily-Victoria, Jessica-Rose, Charlotte and Willow who chose their own dresses and chairs and headed down into the woods at Whenuapai for a picnic in a make - believe world.   The magical, fantasy content of the photograph is  dreamily enhanced by the delicate play of light amidst the simple monochromatic vertical lines of  the tall tree setting, creating an evocative image quite unlike any usual photograph of a children's party.  Lily - Victoria and Willow in the front left and right are the photographer's grand-daughter and daughter respectively, who featured in last year's exhibition also, playing wildly in the backyard, again in fairylike frocks, while taking a break from their role as flower girls during a wedding rehearsal.

Phillipa Karn
Bride and Niece
Taking an interesting and unusual approach to the well-worn wedding photo tradition, the photographer has created an original portrait of the Bride and her niece at the Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke.  Instead of a beaming bride and groom gazing out at the viewer, we are instead drawn into the event by the little girl in the front right corner, who leads our eye back to the full length profile of the bride before a black and white huddle of guests in the deep background.  The charm and originality of the photo rests with the little girl, who seems to be partly in the photo space and partly in our space. She is like the little gate keeper who coyly welcomes the viewer into the celebrations.  This feeling of the little girl existing in both the photograph's space and in our space is enhanced by the photographer's treatment of her in colour within an otherwise black and white image.
A bit of a do 05
David Allison
Ethiopian Tea Party
Taken at the Ethiopian Tea Party at the Auckland Cultural Festival in March 2006, this photo makes great use of black and white and a wide angle lens to create a documentary image brimming with action, foreground and background all described in equal light and of equal importance.  The viewer makes eye contact with the smiling woman in the extreme front left corner, welcoming us in to be part of the action in the picture.  The flattened closeness of the image creates the feeling that the woman on the right pouring the drink is about to hand it straight out of the image to the viewer on the other side.
A bit of a do 06
Martin Horspool
This shot was taken before the first anniversary run of the Magnetos Scooters Club, at a gathering point at Pt Erin under the harbour bridge, when 80 scooter riders, from everyday commuters to hard core enthusiasts rode around Auckland City.  The photographer makes effective use of depth of field in the image, with the scooters lined up into the far distance and in the extreme foreground we have the tattooed arm of the main character in the image, Richard Manic. This is an unusual method of portraiture, the subjects face isn't shown, but his identity is established in the photo through the detail of the tattoo on his arm and his association in the image with the scooters.
A bit of a do 07
Murray Helm
Sarah Ulmer's Bike Day Out
This image forms part of the photographer's Clevedon Heritage project - an ongoing collection of photographs of the social, cultural and commercial life of Clevedon which together create a modern visual historical record of the photographer's home town. Taken in April 2005, the image captures the beginning huddle of bikes of women and children of all ages and abilities as they start off on the annual 60km bike race around Clevedon and the Pohutakawa Coast. The photographers dynamic high angle shot emphasizes the popularity of the event with the cyclists seen stretching from foreground to deep perspective in the background.
A bit of a do 08
Murray Helm
Fire Brigade Raft Race
Another annual community event captured for the Clevedon Heritage project, here we see the start of the children's raft race at KawaKawa bay as part of a fundraising initiative organized by the Kawakawa Bay and Clevedon Volunteer Fire Brigade. A good use of a wide shot, we can see the detail of the children on one particular raft in the foreground and their competition sailing off on the various rafts in the background. 
A bit of a do 09
Jane Reilly
Armistice Day
Shot by Naval photographer Jane Reilly, this photograph was taken at the Auckland War Memorial on Armistice Day 11th November 2005. The figure is seen performing a Ceremonial Drill called the Catafalgue Guard, traditionally used when guarding a tomb.  This particular moment in the drill is named "Lower on Arms Reversed".  The grandeur and reverence of the event is beautifully captured in the stillness, stoicism and perfect symmetry of the photograph, and the projected images of World War on the two screens behind the soldier have been reproduced in the photo as fields of blood red colour, giving the background of the image a beautiful abstract painterly feel.
A bit of a do 10
Jane Reilly
A Kuia welcomes home the
PiuPiu from HMS New Zealand
This beautiful shot has all the classic grandeur of a Goldie painting and is an iconic visual representation of an equally classic and grand New Zealand Navy story.  The photograph was taken at Te Taua Moana Marae, the naval base marae, at a Powhiri to welcome home the piupiu that was gifted to Captain Lionel Halsey of HMS New Zealand shortly before the start of World War 1. When originally presented to Captain Halsey, a Maori chief told him that if he wore the piupiu into battle his crew and ship would be protected and that his ship would see three battles, but would be hit only once. Captain Halsey faithfully wore the piupiu as HMS New Zealand went into the battles of Heligoland Bight in August 1914, Dogger Bank in January 1915 and the battle of Jutland in 1916 when, as predicted in this the third battle, the ship was struck, but without a single casualty outside of the ship's canary.  The two ships immediately ahead and astern of the HMS New Zealand were tragically sunk.  Upon the death of Captain Lionel Halsey's daughter, the Piupiu which protected her father, as was her desire, was gifted back to the Royal New Zealand navy.  The Kuia seen here welcoming back the Piupiu is Mrs Valerie McLean, wife of Kaumatua Bert McLean.
A bit of a do 11
 Renee Liang
Double Lucky Birthday
Taken at the joint birthday celebrations of the photographer's parents, the moment of anticipation, just as a breath is taken in to blow out the candles on the cake, is captured very humorously here.  Allen and Christina Liang's birthday falls in the same week in September and there is nothing they enjoy better than to have their three daughters cook them a traditional Chinese dinner followed by the traditional birthday cake.  The photo is beautifully lit by the candles, creating a central focal point while literally lighting up the two joyous faces looking in.
A bit of a do 12
Renee Liang
In this image, thirteen month old Marcus shows off his newly found walking skills for his relatives who have gathered for a traditional Chinese pre-wedding tea ceremony for his Aunty Roseanne. The fleeting, climactic moment of a toddler's first steps is captured with great expression here, the blurred distortion reflecting the giddy chaos and excitement the little boy must be feeling as he wobbles precariously, arms outstretched, in the centre of an adoring crowd.
Do06 13
Ken Chen
Dancing with Ribbons
One of the official photographers for this event, Ken Chen has captured a moment of spectacular colour and movement during a performance of the Spirit of Terracotta Warriors, a collection of Chinese Classical Dances at the Skycity Theatre in October 2005.  The photo provides both a representation of a climactic moment of action in the performance of Amanda Wang from the Chinese Art and Performance (NZ) Association and a blurred fluid image which provides an abstract appeal independent of the content for the viewer.
A bit of a do 14
Ken Chen
Fireworks Mission Bay
Representing another event in the Auckland Calendar. a fireworks display at Mission Bay, this photo is again more about the abstract appeal of the resulting image than the content captured.  The fireworks provide a spectacular source of high action and movement and beautiful contrasts of light and dark in the photograph.  The two onlookers are barely visible in the photo but for the bright flash of light between them which draws them into activity of the image.
A bit of a do 15
Ben Campbell
Charlize Theron
Almost like a candid paparazzo shot, Ben Cambell has photographed the beautiful celebrity away from a perfectly contrived studio set up at an unusual angle at the "North Country" film premiere at the Aotea Square. Giving a meek smile and raised handbag wave to the adoring Auckland fans, you can't help but feel she looks a little bored by all the adulation while the look of delight and exhilaration on "North Country" director Niki Caro's face betrays the adrenaline-rushed buzz she must be feeling at having her film open to such enthusiasm in her home country.
A bit of a do 16
Scott Diamond
DJ on K'Rd
As a promotion for a local radio station, a portable Dj station was set up in various locations around Auckland city to take the music to the people, Muhammad to the mountain style. Here the photographer has shot the Dj on KR'd with the perfect Art Poem backdrop on the street behind him, the DJ expressing himself through music where the artist/poet has expressed himself and his feelings for his "storm-battered city" on the wall. For the photographer this poem represents "the creative youth of the inner city and the unlimited potential they have if guided in the right direction."
A bit of a do 17
Scott Diamond
Santa Parade
Shot from the fourth level of a carpark building on Albert Street, the photographer has captured a moment of light-hearted action after the Santa Parade, with three policemen staging a mock arrest for the 'criminal's' partner's camera, much to the delight of the old man passing.  The high angle of this photo of a photo creates a dynamic perspective which is enhanced by the geometric lines on the road below and the yellow balloons add a little extra fun and frivolity to the scene.

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