2007 : 03 Mar Open Theme

Brent Russell; Auckland Panorama; East from Mt Albert
John Ling; photo was taken near the bird rescue centre at Panmure Basin reserve
Lynn Clayton; Everyone Loves Auckland; Anniversary Day above the harbour.
Leo Dottridge; Full Moon Cityscape; View from Birkenhead Wharf
Brent Russell; Karekare Beach
John Ling; Auckland Festival 07 opening night
Winifred Struthers;Underside Auckland Harbour Bridge; Where the Clip on's meet
Lynn Clayton; The Epitomy of Summer; Milford Beach
Lynn Clayton; 'Rangitoto doesn't change'; Our favourite volcano
Zelda Wynn; WHAU FLAX BEAUTY; night time photo taken on a walk near Rata Street.New Lynn
Chris Melville; Wet Wellesley
Chris Melville; Watercolour

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