2007 : 08 Aug Open Theme

Terry Free; Avondale Market Avondale; A wonderful cultural market day
Stuart Broughton; A Changing Moon; Ok, surely someone has to send in their moon pic from the red eclipse the other night. My hands have gone hairy.
Terry Free; Pacifika 2007; A wonderful mix of culture.These women are from Tahiti
Chrysler Menchavez; Do Something No Nothing; Silent Voices   March against Child Abuse
Terry Free; Cultural Day Auckland; Mt Roskill 2007
Fleur Vonlanthen; Wenderholm; Reflections
Julia Durkin; Focus; Queen Street Parade for Erotica Expo saw thousands of people with their cameras   mostly on their cellphones!
Julia Durkin; All American Girl; This woman was enjoying herself with other women on the Queen Street parade
Julia Durkin; HSBC Bankers; This amused me that these chaps got a balcony view from the roof of the HSBC on Queen St. Nice way to spend lunchtime...
Chrysler Menchavez; Pick up the phone before picking up the bat; Silent Voices   March against Child Abuse
Chrysler Menchavez; Love your God and your Neighbour
Ray Tomes; Pipers in the Mist; At

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