2007 : 10 Oct Architecture theme

Andrew Fergus; Clock Tower
Lachezar Karadzhov; Light Play; Playful light and reflections
Shelley Soppet; Angel
Lachezar Karadzhov; In Space; Looking up one feels like in a spaceship just about to take off...
Shelley Soppet; Angels
Michael Bajko; Beer Crate House; Corner of West Coast and Woodglen Roads, Waitakere
Shelley Soppet; Building Patterns;
Lachezar Karadzhov; Shy City Dweller; A bit of shy green in the inner city concrete
Darius Mccallum; wall art recreates auckland; photo taken in Onehunga
Darius Mccallum; advertising art illuminates the factory; photo taken in Onehunga
Darius Mccallum; cabbage tree sentinels guard the entrance; old state house in Northcote
Kieran FitzGerald; The Colour of Night; Tongan Communiy Hall Grey Lynn

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