2009 : 01 Jan Open theme

Kelly Chaston;Beach Feet;Muriwai Beach, Waitakere
Kelly Chaston;Summer Splash;School Pool   Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
Lynn Clayton; Rangitoto Morning
Aaron Koolen;Dogfight;Dogfighting kites at Mission Bay
JOHN PIRTLE;StarMagnolia;Eden Garden
Aaron Koolen;Summer Fun;Kite flyer performs acrobatics at MJ Savage Memorial Park
Lawrence Tan;ASB Centre;ASB Centre
JOHN PIRTLE;TheMannequin;Smith and Caughey window
Debbie Olberts;Manaquins and Mirrors;Queen Street Shop Window Display Jan 09
Debbie Olberts;Siamang;Taken at Auckland Zoo Jan 09
JOHN PIRTLE;Variation12;Christmas Lights
Lawrence Tan;White Flag;White NZ Flag   Auckland Festival 2009

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