2020 : 03 Lockdown

Aileen Robertson;Passing the time in lockdown;Reflection of the neighbours house and trees on the bonnet of my car
Aileen Robertson;Sanitize ;The new normal
Susie Trinh; Alert level 3. Junk food queue ;The queue to pickup donuts and coffee in alert level 3. Trying to support small local businesses
Susie Trinh; Alert level 3. You can drive now;The sign has been partly torn off now that we've moved into alert level 3. Driving to your local park is ok
Paul Belli; Not social distancing.; I happened across these sneaky Shag's per chance on my way to work. I was hoping to get a completely different photo of something else but I only brought my 18 35mm lens & not my 70 300mm this is why I'm not closer and its a wide angle shot. They were also up a hill, behind a fence & on a perch. I took this shot into the sun (as this was the only angle) using the live view. Fortunately my live view on the Nikon D5200 is fully articulating so I could at least get this shot!
Fiona Kelly;  Locks Down.; Handy to have a daughter who is an apprentice hairdresser during lockdown.
+Helen Wong; Brightness in my garden;With bug
Leigh Burrell; ANZAC; Celebrating the kiwi way
Xiaoyang Qin; are you ready
Xiaoyang Qin; lockdown
Xiaoyang Qin; Red flower
Paul Craze; Lockdown

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