2021 : 05 May Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Dixie Reid;L.A.B.;Original lineup performing live at Black Barn Ampitheatre in 2019
Dixie Reid;Stan Gratkoswi;Performing live in Napier in 2019 with The Pink Floyd Experience
Fran Scrimgeour;Michelangelo and the dart;Mild Orange playing at Nest Fest 2020. A shoulder rider stretches a dart to the front of the stage
Fran Scrimgeour;Disco fist ;Three lads cook up the tunes at Canterbury University Mono night
Fran Scrimgeour;Wax Mustang or is it Jesus?;Photo taken at the afterparty of Electric Avenue 2021. A beautiful Mo looks up at Wax like he's Jesus
Helena Bakker;NewGuitar;on 35mm film
Helena Bakker;Wax Chattels at Cross St;on 35mm film
Helena Bakker;Punk Punter;on 35mm film
Dixie Reid;Strikemaster;Performing live in Wellington at Valhalla in 2017
Dixie Reid;Queen;Performign live in Wellington at Sjy Stadium in 2020 before lockdown
Dixie Reid;Six60;Performign live in Wellington at Sky Stadium in 2021
Dixie Reid;BENEE;Perfromign live at Downtown Shakedown in Wellington in 2020

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