2023 : 05 May 2023 Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Che Fu

People's Choice Prize 2023 winner - Nichole Davis; Che Fu at Homegrown 2021.

Alexander Hallag; Miss June at Newtown Festival Wellington
Alexander Hallag; Roger Waters
Alexander Hallag; The 1975
Veronica McLaughlin;Alt J at Spark Arena;Hotter than the sun
Veronica McLaughlin;Estere at Whammy Bar;Woman creates dream   sucks you in
Veronica McLaughlin;Harper Finn at Spark Arena;Singing the blues
Veronica McLaughlin;Kendall Elise at Wine Cellar;Dream a little dream of me
Veronica McLaughlin;Robinson at Spark Arena;Living somewhere over the rainbow
Michelle Morris;Ben Harper;Live at ASB Theatre, Auckland 2012
Michelle Morris;Bruce Springsteen from the front;Front row at Bruce Springsteen, Mt Smart Stadium 2014
Michelle Morris;Jimmy Barnes;Support Act for Bruce Sprinsteen, Mt Smart 2014
Paul Craze; Wind instrument

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