2017 : 06 June Open theme

Nadia Guajardo;Heartbeat
Alexey Zaytsev;Fishing at sunset;Tamaki Yacht Club
Alexey Zaytsev;Paints of evening;Tamaki Dr near Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium
BREEN PORTER; Pigeon feeder
Georgina Hitchcock; Need for speed; Northcote motorway overpass
Georgina Hitchcock; Walking in the cloud; Waterfront Cloud
Georgina Hitchcock; Give me a sign; Marina
Alistair Robertson;A Day by the Bay;On a secluded beach in Sant Mary's Bay
Alistair Robertson;Somewhere Over The Rainbow ;taken by Victoria Park
Alistair Robertson;City Lights ;Taken on Shelly Beach Road motorway bridge at about 6:30pm
Marie Palma;Life Outside A Cage;Taken in our Residence in Howick. How wonderful we live in an urban area and yet various kinds of birds are still visible in our backyard even butterflies and bees can be found. Take note of the flowering Puhutukawa tree at this time of the year, yes it is winter time.
Marie Palma;Where Have All the Kids Gone?;Gone in the virtual world! Once this playground is the home of the innocent's laughter & yelling... the sound of happiness of being free. When people are grateful for the wonderful gifts they received from their Creator which is the Art of Nature. Photo taken at the Howick Domain at around 3:30pm Saturday, 10th June 2017

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