2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Karla Tremain;Nature's different perspective;Enter a different perspective, as a single captures the world around it from a different perspective.  The cloudy sky above is at the bottom of the scene and the surrounding lush earth at the top of the water drop.  This drop is suspended in time, and hangs delicately, reflecting the world around it like a tiny prism of wonder, and begs a question on your perspectives in life.
Karla Tremain;The Weaving of the Forest;In the heart of the moody forest, a mesmerising sight awaits the keen observer. Behold this captivating moment in time, where an intricate spider web strongly stands after a torrential downpour.  This is nature at its best. Immerse yourself in this enchanting scene, as the forest whispers and the raindrop build until they reach their tipping point
Karla Tremain;Urban Majesty: Seagull's Sanctuary;In the heart of bustling Auckland, a moment of serenity unfolds as a majestic seagull finds solace upon a concrete rim of a fountain pool. Behold this captivating sight, where the untamed spirit of nature claims its place amidst the structured world we inhabit, reminding us how we need to live with nature.
Jane Chen;Greens
Jane Chen;Monday Morning
Jane Chen;Sunrise from home
Jane Chen;Sheeps
William Xu;orange&teal
William Xu;burning paper
Anuke Rnanweera;A man searching for hope;A man going through a recycling bin hoping to find something he can use
Anuke Rnanweera;Contemplating life ;A gentlemen down on luck on Auckland's Queen street
Anuke Rnanweera;I can breath fire;A street performer at britomart as captured by me

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