2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Missouri Wilton;The deflowering (2)
Missouri Wilton;Untitled
Shafeek Allie;A flash of red;The scarlet legs and beak of the oystercatcher
Shafeek Allie;The emperor;An emperor tamarin from Auckland zoo
Shafeek Allie;An intent stare;A blue and yellow macaw in a bird rescue sanctuary preens itself
Shafeek Allie;Resting Steenbok
Shafeek Allie;Barn owl;Barn owl in a sanctuary
Shafeek Allie;Ready to pounce
Shafeek Allie;a regal reptile;A western cape crag lizard basks
Shafeek Allie;A New Zealand star;A starry gecko up against the walls of its enclosure, is safe from the pests that plague its wild populations
Shafeek Allie;Giant monitor lizard;curiously inspects its surroundings
Samuel Zhou;Browns Island;Photo taken at Karaka Bay.

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