2017 : 06 June Open theme

Grace CHOI;Sunset in Rainy;took sunset  in a foggy and rainy.
Grace CHOI;A Music Note in a Dawn;The small boats looks like a music note.
Grace CHOI;Now I am Free........;a time feeling a perfect freedom.
Ed Adam;With arms wide open;Sunday outside GI church
Ed Adam;Lazy Sunday afternoon;Karaka Bay local Sun worshippers
Ivan BROWN;wait for me
Nadia Guajardo;Trip
Nadia Guajardo;Urban escape
Tracy Watson;Trolley Expedition
Ed Adam;Puff the plastic Dragon;Kite Day at Bastion Point
Ivan BROWN;hold on tight;in the cloud lighthouse
Joshua Sutari;Fear;In this photograph i've portrayed the falling of the leaves over the different season is similar to the behavior of humans. As time passes their humbleness goes away leaving them ruthless.

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