2020 : 03 Lockdown

Paul Craze;  Anzac Day Sky Tower
Bin Bai; Tumbling
Paul Craze; Metropolis
Susie Trinh; Did you travel here?; At the beginning of lock down people were driving to our street to visit the park. A concerned neighbour made a sign.
Susie Trinh ;Covid Street art; We have a free wall in our neighbourhood. Street art suddenly takes a pandemic theme.
Susie Trinh; Stay in your bubble birthday boy; Celebrations still continue in lock down. His first birthday cake had to make do with a votive candle
Joanne Yong; Social distancing   air hugging ;Jaydon missing the hug from his grandparents
Joanne Yong; Social distancing   keep safe; Keeping friends with distance
Paul Belli; My Daisy; These beautiful little daisies are within our walking/exercise bubble. There's way more to photograph than you think, right on your doorstep!
Paul Belli; Stay calm; No matter what genre/niche of photography you specialize, practice or do professionally in this lockdown being forced to use basics & think outside the box has greatly improved my skills, hopefully yours too!
Joanne Yong; Social distancing selfie; Even taking selfie need to keep a distance
Shobna; London lockdown bubbles; My daughter and I spent 3 weeks locked down in an apartment near London with no balcony.  (Before returning home to NZ).

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