2022 : 05 May 2022 Youth Photo Award

Cagla Demirbas;Media Omitted #3
Cagla Demirbas;Media Omitted #4
Cagla Demirbas;Media Omitted #5
Cagla Demirbas;Media Omitted #6
Nabeel Hassan; This was a candid street photo I managed to capture on the top of Mt Eden Volcano. It was shot using a 50mm takumar vintage lens on my sony a6400. I personally think it is one of my best photographs. I love the symmetry and overall composition as well as the symbolism and meaning to the photograph.
Nabeel Hassan; I really like this candid street photograph I captured on one tree hill. I like the minimalist composition.
Nabeel Hassan; This was a candid street photograph I managed to capture in the ponsonby area. capturing the image was quite hard. I held my camera around waist level and then made photographs of people walking by. I really like the composition and colours.
Nabeel Hassan; This photograph was made on my Pentax Spotmatic SPii   I managed to get this end result by letting the shutter jam as i know it usually gets stuck at 1/1000 shutter speed. This let me capture the image but not get the head exposed which is the message I was trying to convey. It is open to interpretation.
Nabeel Hassan; I captured this photograph with my Canon Autoboy 2 using Fujifilm C200. I really love the overall composition and warmth that the image brings. Being able to capture the sun going through the trees and then providing light to those having a picnic under the tree created a beautiful image waiting to be captured.
Nabeel Hassan; I captured this photograph in South Piha when my friend and I had a medium format vs disposable camera challenge. I captured this photograph on a 20 dollar Kodak Disposable camera. I guess it goes to show you that gear doesn't matter as much as we make it out to be
Nabeel Hassan; Movie Scene; I captured this while grabbing dinner with my friends. It was shot on film with the Pentax Spotmatic SPii and Portra 400 film
Nabeel Hassan;sunsets in mission bay ;Captured with Portra 400 film and the Canon Autoboy 2

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