2023 : 05 May 2023 Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Che Fu

People's Choice Prize 2023 winner - Nichole Davis; Che Fu at Homegrown 2021.

Ryo Nishikawa; Earth Tongue ;A shot of Earth Tongue performing at Whammy bar.
Ryo Nishikawa;Connection;Shot this photo at the UFO in New Lynn where teenagers have gathered to see The Ideas perform.
Ryo Nishikawa;Just Us 2;During Kings’ performance at the Homegrown, two souls were connected and shared a special moment together
Mark Derricutt;Departure Party   Napier's Cabana Bar;When art/folk/punk takes the show to the iconic mens, with historic music signage   the photography follows!
Ryo Nishikawa;Scream;At the end of Gin Wigmore’s set, Joe Walsh hopped off the stage into the pit which made the audience excited even more. The audience at the front was so happy and didn’t stop screaming. At that moment, I knew I captured a special moment for both the artist and the audience.
Ryo Nishikawa;Through the screens;My intention for this photo of Ruel was to raise the question “Why do we record/take photos at concerts?”. Of course, I am guilty of this, but the number of phones I see is rather ominous. How many phones do you see in the photo?
mayank sharma;player;taken during a summer festival on the wharf
mayank sharma;the singer;taken during a summer festival in park
Ryo Nishikawa;GrooveArmada ;Groove Armada interacting with their audience at Spring City Music Festival
Ryo Nishikawa;Reaching ;At the Homegrown music festival, Gin Wigmore seemed like she was trying to reach something or someone through her music.
mayank sharma;belle with bells;part of indian marriage
Ryo Nishikawa;The wait ;Few seconds before Tom Scott starts performing at Avantdale Bowling Club’s “Trees” album release tour. The moment the audience waited for is finally here and they could not hide their anticipation.

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