2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Hillary Ho;Soft as...;Capture the softness and the fluffiness of the seeds bursting from the pods.
Hillary Ho;A cycle of life;The vibrant colors faded into an earthy blend of decay, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.
Zara Booth;Mushroom on a log
Zara Booth;Forest Fairy spotted at Oakley Creek
Zara Booth;Oakley Creek Fairy
Preston Short;Bula Smile;This photo captures the beauty in Fijian smiles, the joy and vibrant colours in this shot really stood out to me. I love how even though the subject is out of focus the joy and happiness still can be seen.
Preston Short;Yalewa Rairai Totoka;'Yalewa Rairai Totoka' translates to 'beautiful girl'. The fijian girl exudes elegance, she showcases her Fijian spirit with her Fijian attire. It reflects her cultural pride and love for her culture.
Preston Short;Fijian Beauty, A Glimpse of Mystery & Serenity;Capturing the models serene beauty, her serious facial features add touch of mystique to the scene, enhancing the captivating allure of the photography. The subtle intensity in her expression draws the viewer in, inviting contemplation and intrigue.
Preston Short;Fijian Meke;Capturing the beauty of a traditional Fijian dance a Fijian girl sits on the shore radiating with joyful energy.
Oshadha Perera;Keep Going
Oshadha Perera;Beneath the Waterfall
Oshadha Perera;To the Top

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