2021 : 09 Lockdown

MUTAIB ALOTAIBI;Eversafe;New Zealand
Lynn clayton; Not a car in site; A rare opportunity to enjoy the Parnell Jubilee buildings architecture with no cars parked .
Lynn clayton; Another week with no coffee!; Over a thousand cafes remain closed in lockdown 4
Jo Momoivalu; Sun bathing ; My cat loves the morning sun
Trevor Hardy; Sorted; It helps to have the necessary resources on hand to protect my bubble of one and keep me engaged.
Karena Edgecombe; First signs of spring
Karena Edgecombe; A crabs view
Karena Edgecombe; Sunset in Matarangi; When the sun paints the colors for you, no filters required
Siniva Williams; Stuck
Kathy Blake;
Kathy Blake;
Robert Brown; Morris 2

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