2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Anuke Rnanweera;Embracing the evening ;A blackbird on our house antenna
Anuke Rnanweera;Growing up ;grape vine leaf starting to grow grapes
Minxi Sun;Local
Gabriel Austin;Birds Eye View;Gannet Colony Muriwai
Gabriel Austin;Wingman;Gannet Colony Muriwai
Gabriel Austin;Wind Rider;Gannet Colony Muriwai
Gabriel Austin;Pink Pathway;Local driveway, Onehunga
Gabriel Austin;Pool of Reflection;Hamilton Gardens, Tropical Garden
Gabriel Austin;Temple of Reflection;Hamilton Gardens, Egyptian Garden
Gabriel Austin;Interstellar Marbles;Light from Tate, Auckland Art Gallery
Gabriel Austin;Shadows of Youth;Light from Tate, Auckland Art Gallery
Gabriel Austin;Pondering Parents;Light from Tate, Auckland Art Gallery

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