2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Harriet Graham;Fading Ocean;Dawn on Christchurch's New Brighton Beach. The way the colours blended together was just something unreal
Hoihan Nian;Mountain Shadow Glow;shot at 3th June in Mount Cook
Molly Eastwood;Eclipse
Molly Eastwood;Vulnerable
Molly Eastwood;Reflection
Pengqian Han;Fly
Pengqian Han;Mirror
Pengqian Han;Orange work
Connor Barratt;Autumn Fern;An Autumn Fern on a mossy log
Connor Barratt;Bloom;Dreamy flower blooming at the gardens
Connor Barratt;Top Of the country;Signpost at Cape Reinga
Connor Barratt;Tree;A tree on a stormy day

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