2020 : 03 Lockdown

Shobna; Hotel quarantine games; My daughter playing pillow games in the hotel room we are quarantined in after returning home from overseas.
Paul; The National Bear Hunt
Paul; Smile
Paul; Auckland: Not in Service
Aileen Robertson; Busy Bee
Aileen Robertson; Cobweb jewels
Aileen Robertson; Garden Visitor
Fiona Kelly; Lockdown Snooze
Henric Matthiesen; Being yourself; I shot this self portrait on Day 2 of the lockdown. Not knowing what to come. Refelcting on the past and looking at the wall towards the unknown future.
Henric Matthiesen; There is light; I shot this picture at Day 10 in Isolation at Home. This picture for me represents hope.
Henric Matthiesen; Trapped; Day 16 in Lockdown. Steering out of the window trapped behind the curtain. Another day has past. What day is it again?
Ingrid Shaw; In our hearts

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