2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Sönke Dwenger; Band
Chris Double; UFO, 2021
Daniel Cooper McCann; 27112021 Sidewinder 12Bar ChCh;Sidewinder @ 12Bar in Christchurch
Daniel Cooper McCann;210122 The After A Rolling Stone ChCh;The After @ A Rolling Stone in Christchurch
Nichole Davis; Gin;Gin Wigmore   Peachy Keen
Chris Double; Art Wank, UFO Powerfest, 2021
Sönke Dwenger; Drummer Eric Otoka. Blues Session. Hamilton Blues Society (HBS) NZ
Chris Double; Senarius, Grey Lynn Library Hall, 2021
Sönke Dwenger;Caitlin Smith and Lance McNicoll. Concert. Auckland Blues Music Club (ABMC).
Chris Double; UFO Powerfest, 2021
Daniel Cooper McCann; 25032022 Palgue of the Fallen 12Bar ChCh;Kea amongst the violence of the mosh pit @ 12Bar in Christchurch
Daniel Cooper McCann; 26032022 Glassblower 12Bar ChCh;Glassblower @ 12Bar in Christchurch

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