2023 : 05 May 2023 Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Che Fu

People's Choice Prize 2023 winner - Nichole Davis; Che Fu at Homegrown 2021.

Ian Jorgensen;Nick Johnston of Cut Off Your Hands at Big Day Out
Ian Jorgensen;Kody Nielson of The Mint Chicks at Big Day Out
Ian Jorgensen;Michael of Die! Die! Die! at Good Luck, Wellington
Mark Derricutt;Labretta Suede and The Motel 6   Auckland Mothership
Mark Derricutt;Michael Sweet / Stryper at Aucklands Galatos, 2023
Ian Jorgensen;Dion of the D4 at Indigo Bar, Wellington
Mark Derricutt;Living State at Auckland's Ding Dong Lounge;Shot thru the mirror behind the bar   a reflection of todays music.
Nickolas elliott;BOUNCETWO;explosive energy, holding my camera above my head with both arms.
Nickolas elliott;Calm;In the practice room, feeling at home. Placing my camera around the room and just letting the gang play. Light shining of things and trying to capture it..
Nickolas elliott;BOUNCEONE;Lucky there were mattresses on the walls… another with my camera above my head.
Nickolas elliott;Heavenly light;It was too hot and the gig hadnt even started yet, people cramming forwards some hanging back. The warm bright light juxtaposing the collective mania about to ensue.
Mark Derricutt;Black Smoke Trigger at Napier's Cabana, 2022

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