2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Tieshu Zhu;Embracing the Tempest;With unwavering determination, a lone surfer fearlessly ventures into the depths of the ocean, defying the mighty wind and crashing waves. The fusion of human and nature becomes evident as the surfer becomes one with the elements, embodying both strength and vulnerability. In this breathtaking image, the juxtaposition of the surfer's small figure against the vast expanse of the sea amplifies the sense of awe and admiration for those who bravely confront the untamed forces of nature. It serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit and the unyielding pursuit of passion in the face of challenges.
Tieshu Zhu;Raindance of the Wave Riders;Amidst the rain soaked atmosphere, a fearless tribe of surfers embarks on a captivating dance with the ocean's mighty waves. United by their shared passion, they brave the elements, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of movement and unity. The convergence of water, sky, and human spirit merges into a symphony of energy and exhilaration. This photograph encapsulates the essence of resilience and camaraderie, reminding us that even in the midst of stormy conditions, beauty and thrill can be found by those who dare to chase their dreams.
Tieshu Zhu;Eternal Anticipation;A lone figure perched upon the board, a surfer waits in anticipation, suspended between the calmness of the vast ocean and the imminent rush of adrenaline. The composition captures a moment of serene stillness, emphasizing the surfer's connection with the elements and the unwavering determination to ride the waves. Through this image, the essence of patience and the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature are poetically portrayed, inviting us to contemplate the anticipation and exhilaration that awaits us in life's unfolding moments.
Arshpreet Kaur;Cake lover;A day before my cousins 6th birthday, he hurt his hand and spent the night at the doctors. He got home very late on his birthday but we were determined to have a party since he loves birthday cakes. While all the adults were busy talking, he ate on the sly and I managed to capture it.
Arshpreet Kaur;Avoiding Work;This was taken when I told my mum I was cleaning my room. I had a good playlist on and was doing my work when I noticed the sunset from my window and instantly started shooting away.
Arshpreet Kaur;Maroon Rising;This is taken from inside a local temple I have grown up in. This particular part featuring the glass has been my favourite for a very long time.
Gus Harvey Thompson;The Calm Before The Storm ;Taken From A School Hike Past Maraetai
Gus Harvey Thompson;Fiery Skyline;Image Of The Auckland Skyline At Sunset From Waiheke Island
Gus Harvey Thompson;Nighly Spirit;Taken Upon The Spirit Of Adventure In Late December
Gus Harvey Thompson;All About The Smiles;Taken At Maadi Cup March 23
Gus Harvey Thompson;Foggy Mind;Morning Singles Race
Gus Harvey Thompson;Team Effort;Flashbacks To Maadi With This Pic, One Hell Of A Sport!

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