2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Preston Short;Pacific Island Serenity, Purple Elegance on the Shore;Enjoying the tranquil beauty of the beach, a figure gracefully moves along the sandy shore in a vibrant purple dress, embodying the essence of island serenity and elegance.
Preston Short;Coastal Elegance;Embracing the tranquility of the moment, the Fijian girl gazes out to the vast sea in her traditional Fijian attire. The gentle background whisper tales of the islands, echoing the beauty of her vibrant clothing. With each glance towards the beach, she connects with the spirit of her ancestors.
Oshadha Perera;Misty Morning
Preston Short;Island Harmony, A Fijian Beauty Embracing Kiwi Shores;A beautiful moment of cultural fusion as a Fijian girl graces the shores of New Zealand. The vibrant colours of her attire against the beackdrop of the beach symbolize the harmony between two island nations. Its a lovely blend of Fijian grace and kiwi tranquility, creating a mesmerizing scene.
Preston Short;Fijian Elegance;Embracing the rhythm of her ancestors, the Fijian girl gracefully moves to the beat of tradition in her vibrant cultural attire. Each step tells a story of heritage and pride, as the swaying of her skirt mirrors the gentle sway of palm trees in the tropicle breeze. Through dance, she weaves a tapestry of history, embodying the spirit pf Fiji's rich cultural legacy.
Jesse Radford;Dotterel With Crab;A dotterel was hunting this crab, where it was slowly removing the legs as it went.
Jesse Radford;Flocking Oyster Catchers;At the Miranda shorebird centre, I got to see various species of birds flocking above me in large number. These variable oyster catchers were amazing to watch overhead.
Jesse Radford;Family of Oyster Catchers;This is a favorite photo of mine, as it shows a humorous scene of a family day out with arguing kids.
Jesse Radford;Spur Winged Plover;In this photo you can see the plover's spur on the shoulder of its wing.
Jesse Radford;Blue Half Crab with Half Nipper;I found this blue half crab with half a nipper, and I love the vibrant colours in their shells.
Jesse Radford;Small Crashing Waves;I like how the small waves look almost he same as big surf waves when you get down low and watch them.
Jesse Radford;A Crack in the Wall;A small plant grows out of a crack in a brick, how it got there remains a mystery.

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