2017 : 06 June Open theme

Mylene Villafuerte;Good day ahead;With the warm weather and less cold days, Auckland is the best. This photo represents the winter days when all leaves had dried out.
Mylene Villafuerte;Reflections;Auckland city is seemingly the busiest place here at New Zealand, still there are places we can visit to be silent and reflect. This picture taken from Western Spring depicts the stillness and reflections despite the movements around it.
Mylene Villafuerte;Tiny Leaf;This photo represents how I enjoy walking around Auckland, with all the Autumn leaves falling around.
Ella Campin; Canine Contemplation ; Taken of my dog at Mt Albert summit.
Ella Campin; Fiery Sunrise ; Taken from my Glen Eden home.
Ella Campin; Rays of the Sunset; Taken at Mount Albert summit.
Amr Salah; Auckland CBD; Beatiful photo for Britomart
Ben Lowe; A Day at the Beach; Dogs and Sand   Kariotahi Beach
Dean Nikon Ablong;  A day in Auckland ;Taken from Victoria Park, Auckland
Ed Adam; A Place in the Sun; Narrowneck beach picnic possie
Ed Adam; Golden Dawn; Sunrise at Shelly Park boat club, Cockle Bay
Ed Adam; Fishing in the Mist; Father and son catching some early morning breakfast at Whitford, Auckland

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