2020 : 03 Lockdown

Kristina Parchomchuk; Lockdown rush hour; Northern Motorway on a
Aasta L. Otnes; Feeding our friends, the ants.;Covid or not: our daily work remain the same. Those ants don't feed themselves, you know!
Bin B; Rain flowers
Kristina Parchomchuk; Bear in lockdown; Bear feeling just like the rest of us
Kristina Parchomchuk; Day #1; Sunrise on the first day of lockdown
Edward Swift; Social distancing; Be like these two kereru   keep your distance, and stay home
Manon Fleurentin; Deserted........almost
R A Mooney; 'Eyes of Light'; Day 25   The sky is smiling...
R A Mooney; 'Seagull Symphony'; Day 26   Dancing with the birds.
Dale Tifflin; Traffic stopped, no need to look.....;Easy crossing the street,no need to look up.No hooting traffic
Dale Tifflin; We're together; Its good to be out together today
Dale Tifflin; Us three & my leaves; Family out walking enjoying Daddy & autumn

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