2020 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Francis Cai; The World Between us; One day the air suddenly changed, though the dark alleys remained.
Sione V; Orange Plant
Francis Cai; Black Swan; Bird in the cage
Francis Cai; Seal on The Door; The lure of daylight shadows, where people wearing thick masks and scarves walk past each other silently.
Kodiann; Playground fun; Me and my friend took pictures of each other
Lara Hope Anderson Lambert; Beach
Charlotte Koperu; Pencils
Darth Cornelius; Paradise Lost; This image was taken next to a forest which used to roar with the sound of insects and birdlife when I was a little kid. Since then, the rivers and streams near it have become lifelessly polluted, and the sound of the Fantails, Kereru and Tui which used to inhabit it, is scare. (Due to a massive decrease in flying insect biomass since the mid 2000’s, removing their primary food source.) The lake which
Sheila; Manu
Amindeep Singh; Outside
Sargent; Fakey
Sargent; What a nice morning

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