2023 : 05 May 2023 Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Che Fu

People's Choice Prize 2023 winner - Nichole Davis; Che Fu at Homegrown 2021.

Ian Jorgensen;Liam Finn of Betchadupa
Ian Jorgensen;Karl Kippenberger of Shihad
Mark Derricutt;Obituary   Auckland's The Studio, 2020
Mark Derricutt;Chris Dent   Auckland's Wine Cellar, 2023
Ian Jorgensen;The Datsuns at the Kings Arms
Ian Jorgensen;Jack White of the White Stripes;Wellington Town Hall
Mark Derricutt;Killswitch Engage at Auckland's Kings Arms
Nickolas elliott;Scream;Before the gig, nobody in the room but me, the band, and the sound guy. Captured a moment of insanity
Ian Jorgensen;Kody and Ruban Nielson of The Mint Chicks, on Tour
Mark Derricutt;Marduk at Auckland's Kings Arms;I love the double capture of the Facebook Livestream
Daniel Cooper McCann; Jamie Philpott;New Zealand band STENCH, live at 12Bar, Christchurch, 13/05/2023
Amanda Hodge;Devilskin;High kicks in Palmerston North

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