2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Jesse Radford;Mother Tiger;I captured this photo of a mother tiger at Auckland zoo as she watched her cub playing.
Juniel Caboverde;Friends;Friendship: A Long Day Ends
Juniel Caboverde;Fierce;Cat in pot
Juniel Caboverde;Sunflower;Sunflower in my parents garden
Nandan Ambani;Spikey Dew;The dew on plants represents new beginnings to me
Nandan Ambani;To Fly or to Die;Reminds me of a fly trap
Nandan Ambani;Mist in the distance;Peaceful stroll on the beach
Juniel Caboverde;Drinking;Seagull drinking
Juniel Caboverde;Raging Waves;Nature's Anger
Juniel Caboverde;Self reflection;At least I tried?
Charlie Stringer;Open up ur mind;Class of 24. Identity: Bones
Charlie Stringer;ARTIST PRINT;Class of 24. Identity: Hannah

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