2017 : 06 June Open theme

Ella Campin; First Winter Fire ; Taken in my home in Glen Eden.
Dean Nikon Ablong; Beauty from Ashes; Smith and Caughey's Old bldg along Queen St, Auckland
Dean Nikon Ablong; Hungry?; Taken inside Elliot Stables, Auckland
Sam Harris; Tree on Foggy Morning; Balmain Reserve, Cheltenham
Sam Harris; Sunrise One Foggy Day in May 2017
Ben Lowe; The Life of a Cow
Sam Harris; Balmain Reserve, Cheltenham;Sunrise One Foggy Day in May 2017
Ed Adam; Fire in the sky; Broomfields Point sunrise, Whitford
Ed Adam; Landing pattern; Maori Bay Paraglider meets beach art
Ed Adam; Wing Damage; Wing damage of a downed Monarch butterfly
Gary Hopper; Quiet Auckland moment; Taken at Sulphur Beach Reserve
Aaron Kang; Ballet training; The Ballet Concert

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