2020 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Sheila; Makisha
Amindeep Singh; Inside
Darth Cornelius; Priorities; With “Priorities” I was aiming to show the viewer how kids’ many kids lives in 2020 are centred around online appearances, and chasing recognition in a place that is not the real world. It’s not uncommon now for groups of friends to spend the day in silence, heads buried in their phones, looking for arguments which don’t involve them, or trying to gain clout and positive affirmation from total strangers, instead of actually interacting or bonding with one another.
Darth Cornelius; Because I can;
Charlotte Koperu; Glen Taylor School logo
Malmar Charlie Nelio; The Fear Fish; SCARY,MONSTER
Shane;  Feathers
Angellynah Ridvan; Running
Khin Lin Htet; Park
Malmar Charlie Nelio; The T Rex;BIG,DANGEROUS,CARNIVORE
Moe the zin; Art walll

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