2021 : 09 Lockdown

Andrea Wake; Monday night in Orakei
Carmina Chico; Going out for a walk
Andrea Wake; Exercising the bubble
John Wallace; Whanau; Granddaughter and my daughter having trampoline time
Melissa Jackson; Bubble walks ; Chloe collecting small flowers to take home to press in between pages to create memories
Paul Craze; Kelp Gull   Karoro (Larus dominicanus);Being in Auckland means you are never far from the sea and these magificent birds.  No lockdown for thses guys, but at least they pop by now and then and display their absolute mastery of the air!
Stacey Edgar; Lockdown Tasks
Sally Tagg;Cheltenham rocks;Low tide foraging for seaweed
Fiona Kelly;Taking Over the World
Melissa Jackson; Enjoying the sunshine;Captured on a bubble walk, a lone hair bead captures the light
Sally Tagg; Mermaid in lickdown; Made from beach flotsam
Sally Tagg; Spring Jasmin; Foraged in the neighbourhood

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