2021 : 09 Lockdown

Bruce Ross;Shortland Flats from lower Shortland St
Amber;Lockdown haircuts;4 year kaii cutting his poppas hair
Natalie Dunn;Fancy shoes but nowhere to go
Phillipa;Swings Oneroa beach
Scott Cai;The Inaccessible;Covid regulations that are in place have rendered my accessibility to confectioneries in supermarket. This is a reflection of the situation we are in at large. We see what is out there, but yet we are all grounded and can not get out there. (IG: scottxc_)
Abhishek Mahekar; The Birdlers
Abhishek Mahekar; Best Haven
Hyekyeong choi; Stay in bubble ;Happy family, stay warm and safe place
Hyekyeong choi; Stay in bubble;Happy family, stay in same bubble
Natalie Dunn; Garden tree in blossom
Phillipa; Reading and relaxing
Abhishek Mahekar; Stroll

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