2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Charlie Stringer;ART OVER MONEY;Class of 24. Identity: Knux
Charlie Stringer;C'24 ;Class of 24. Identity: Tyler
Charlie Stringer;CLASS OF 24 ARCHIVES 1/24;Class of 24 ARCHIVES
Charlie Stringer;CALL US ;Class of 24. Identity: Trish
Saanvi Bhargava;Wintergarden reflections;Mirror, mirror in the pond,  what is eye catching of all?  Vividly pond water reflects leafy green plants, contrasting against the red brick wall.  Saanvi explained this outstanding picture  like a colour explosion in a tree mall (Auckland Wintergarden).
Kaye Rosales;Abundance
Kaye Rosales;Odyssey;Finding oneself in a long voyage.
Kaye Rosales;Small moments;Small moments are the subtle threads that weaves the narrative of a delicate tapestry.
Heather Wallace; Shes Summer
Heather Wallace;Butterfly Effect;Waiheke Island
Mackyla Walker;Greer, black and white ;model: Greer Stanton kerr
Heather Wallace;Beware of the Dog;Thames

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