2017 : 06 June Open theme

Aaron Kang; Waiting for next ballet; 2016 The Ballet Concert
Aaron Kang; Creative Dance; Concert of Korean night
Aaron Kang; Ballet preparation; Concert of Korean night
Giby Varghese; Civic; Remedy Coffee and Civic Theatre together gives us a holistic view of auckland, a coffe and arts culture which is seen in only a few cities in the world. This photo is a reflection of Civic on the glasses of Remedy Coffee on Wellesley street in auckland.
Giby Varghese; Town_Hall ;One of the less famous buildings in Auckland is the Town hall on Queen street. It is a center to aucklands Art and a few good restaurants. This photo was taken at Auckland Town Hall
Giby Varghese; Skyline from Viaduct; For any big city skyline is a feature worth remembering. The same goes for Auckland, there are a few spots from where auckland skyline can be enjoyed during the night. One of the places is right next to the small bridge on the way to Silo Park in Viaduct.
Giby Varghese; Skyline Harbour Bridge; One of my favorite spots from where it is great to see the auckland skyline in the dark especialy with the harbour bridge. It is one of the most beautiful spots in auckland.
Giby Varghese;Piha_Beach;Tranquility is what comes to my mind when I am at an beach listening to the waves. Piha Beach is one such beach in auckland that gives you that feeling. Rough waves hitting the rocks gives the dramatic effect you have seen only in movies.
Giby Varghese;Mckenzie_Bay;After a hike on Rangitoto, there is nothing better than spending a few hours on the beach at Mckenzie Bay. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my life. Its calm, relaxing, has a small boat and a light house. What else do you need at a beach if you are a photographer.
Giby Varghese;City_of_Sails;This photo shows why auckland is called the city of sails. It captures the imagination of auckland that comes to my mind. This was taken at the viaduct, near auckland harbour.
Giby Varghese;Britomart;Britomart train station although a small station compared to bigger cities, is very beautifully built with its mordern architecture.
Joan Kirk;Times past;Auckland as it used to be.

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